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Arifwala is a small town in the South East of Lahore nearly 210 Km. In the South River Sutluj about 33 Km. In the North Sahiwal is 45 Km away. This area is called Neely Bar also. It is situated between Sutluj and Biayas. Arifwala is Tehsil Head quarter consisting of 30 Union Councils. About 75% population live in villages and only 25% live in municipal urban area. Main occupation is agriculture. Total population of Tehsil Arifwala is about 600,000.Tehsil Arifwala is surrounded by 255 Villages.


Total Area of Tehsil Arifwala is 295,146 Acres. Agriculture Area 1274 Acres or 3.18 Sq Kms. Residential Area 457 Acres or 1.14 Sq Kms. Height from Sea level is 420 feets.

History of Arifwala

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In nineteenth century Arifwala was only a village named as Chak No. 61/EB. Later, it was called Arifwala because of a Landlord named "Arif" having Agriculture land in this village. In 1908, the Deputy Governor "Hurbert" founded new city of Arifwala. In 1987, Arifwala was raised to the status of sub-division and in 1995 it was attached to district Pakpattan.